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Charisse Marei's personal design! Prepare to raise your vibration. The eco-chic mini-gem diffuser will beautify and purify, balance and harmonize the air you breathe and the space you occupy. It’s your new go-to diffuser for every room in the home. The aromatic citrus scent emanating from the shimmering crystal and rose quartz mini chips is mindlessly gratifying. Display in the semi-sheer pouch or add to small specialty dishes. It’s the perfect addition for the bathroom, half bath, inside a drawer, closet, by the kitchen sink, on a shelf, and in a vehicle.

It’s the perfectly unique little eco-gift for yourself and a friend!

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  • Tiny & Durable: Mini chips are everlasting and essential oils are replenish-able. Together they are ideal for decorative and spiritual purposes - so you can add them to pouches and small dishes.
  • Eco-Friendly Practices: Safe for you and our Earth
  • Eco-Friendly Materials: quartz + pure essential oils.


  • Manufacturing origin - Brazil. Rose quartz (unconditional love), crystal quartz (master of healing crystals)
  • Young Living essential oil, #909020 (refill essential oils)


Choose a new favorite essential oil Join Charisse Marei's Young Living, Eco-Conscious Home team of like-minded people.


Mini Gem Diffuser Includes

  • Reusable Organic Drawstring Pouch, Pre-Filled—2 +/- oz. mini chips, pad
  • Reusable glass vial, pre-filled—15 drops YLEO
  • “Membership” access code

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Weight 44.8 oz


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